(Fe Butt)
07/04/16 06:28 PM

The inspection sticker on my BMW is 1985 and the one on my 04 Triumph is 04, my 66 TR6C has never had a sticker on it to my knowlege. Those are the 3 bikes I ride out of my collection. I justb went to the hillclimbs in Freemansburg and there were state troopers and a few locals everywhere and no one bothered me. I figure even if I get a ticket now I will have saved a bunch of money. Seeings that a ticket for bad inspection on a bike is $40. You have to be doing something stupid to get pulled over for something else to get a ticket for it here for the most part. Then add in that the shop I work in does the repairs and maitenence on the state police and local police cars and I know most of them. We are also on police rotation for wrecks and impounds and such for towing. Then couple that with inspections is up to the descretion of the inpection mechanic and is just a safety inspection. No front fender passes, so does verticle plate. Those small custom mirrors do too and you only have to have one.
There are also talks of eliminating inspection all together.

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