(Fe Butt)
09/25/17 05:12 PM
Re: 2018 Speedmaster


Yes Dwight the more I look the more I see a bobber with a dual seat set up.

And the more I look at it Paul, and probably because of its "softtail" rear end which mimics pre-swingarm hardtail Triumphs such as the original prewar 1938 Speed Twin and other immediate postwar Triumphs, the more it's reminding me of those, and what would've been designated back then as "roadsters". But, with the difference being those forward mounted foot controls on the new SM.

And which once again in my view, would be the ONLY thing about the new SM that would or could possibly define it with the more modern designation of "cruiser".

Overall though, I think its a damn good lookin' retro bike, and one which would and should be much more practical to own than the Bobber.

(...but I wouldn't be interested in owning one, and because I've found I don't like forward foot controls which necessitate the operator sitting on their tailbone...and thus the very reason some six or seven years ago now I designed and built mid-located foot pegs and controls and bolted them to my 2002 BA...I also feel more in control of my bike while "spiritedly" riding the twisties around here in Arizona without my feet sticking out forward)

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