11/08/17 01:17 AM
Re: Royal Enfield 650 Twins launch


I thought initially , " Oh goody, a sensible bike."
Then I checked the specs.

I bought a new Bullet about a year or so ago.
500cc pumping out 27.2bhp and 30 lb/ft of torque.
Considering I'm a fat bastard, it moved along ok.
No sane person would buy an Enfield for anything other than a second bike to potter out at a leisurely pace taking in the view.
Don't forget people load these things up and go off round the world on them.
They're generally robust and should go forever with very little fuss.
They can be fixed by a bloke with a hammer and some pliers by the side of the road so technical, it aint.
Anyone wanting performance should buy a modern retro-looking bike rather than what is, essentially, an actual retro bike.


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