(Fe Butt)
12/30/17 07:38 PM
Re: 2018 Gold Wing


If I were going to drive a car with less than 4 wheels, I think I would go with a Morgan. I'd have more fun and maybe pay less.

Not a NEW Morgan three-wheeler you wouldn't, GB. "Pay less" that is.

Guess you don't know those suckers have a BASE price of over $50,000US, eh?!

And, there's no way in hell ANYONE can option out a Goldwing with all the bells and whistles they'd ever want for more than $35K.

Heck, even one of the classic Morgan three-wheelers or a nice used example of the newer ones are goin' for well over $40K.

And personally because you don't lean a three-wheeler over in turns like you do a motorcycle, and yep EVEN a big ass motorcycle like a Goldwing, I don't see how anyone could have "more fun" in one of those.

(...and besides, my Beck Replica Porsche 550 Spyder would run RINGS around and is a HECK of a lot more fun to throw around in the twisty stuff than any three-wheeler out there, and let alone it being a heck of a lot more stable while doing it...and which I might add, one can find a nice used one for around $30K, and which btw weigh just about as little as one of those Morgans, 550kg, and has just about twice the BHP to boot...now THAT'S "fun")

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