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01/05/18 09:31 PM
Re: 2018 Gold Wing




If I were going to drive a car with less than 4 wheels, I think I would go with a Morgan. I'd have more fun and maybe pay less.

Not a NEW Morgan three-wheeler you wouldn't, GB. "Pay less" that is.

Guess you don't know those suckers have a BASE price of over $50,000US, eh?!

And, there's no way in hell ANYONE can option out a Goldwing with all the bells and whistles they'd ever want for more than $35K.

Heck, even one of the classic Morgan three-wheelers or a nice used example of the newer ones are goin' for well over $40K.

And personally because you don't lean a three-wheeler over in turns like you do a motorcycle, and yep EVEN a big ass motorcycle like a Goldwing, I don't see how anyone could have "more fun" in one of those.

(...and besides, my Beck Replica Porsche 550 Spyder would run RINGS around and is a HECK of a lot more fun to throw around in the twisty stuff than any three-wheeler out there, and let alone it being a heck of a lot more stable while doing it...and which I might add, one can find a nice used one for around $30K, and which btw weigh just about as little as one of those Morgans, 550kg, and has just about twice the BHP to boot...now THAT'S "fun")

Yeah, but the Morgan is just about the coolest thing on the road.


Yes, I suppose they are cool, in a retro and almost "odd" sort'a way, Larry.

BUT and once again because you don't lean a three-wheeler into turns like you do a motorcycle, AND because Morgans are NOT the kind of three-wheeler in which your "knees are in the wind" because you sit IN one like you'd do in any open cockpit car, IF you're looking for something "cool" to ride around IN and not ON, I SAY not ONLY is my 550 Spyder even "COOLER" than any Morgan, but I'll BETCHA if you'd park a Morgan next to my Spyder anywhere, a hell of a lot more people would walk up and admire my Spyder and tell me that IT was "cool", AND which they DO every time I park it somewhere and/or stop to fill its gas tank, than they would the Morgan...and which I'll also bet they'd think was more "odd" than "cool".

And, once again to say nothing about my Spyder handling better and being more powerful. AND, once again not to mention it costing LESS than the "odd" but I suppose "cool" looking Morgan.

Yep, once again I'll state that PERSONALLY I don't and have never seen ANY advantage a Morgan Three-wheeler would have over a small, powerful, great handling and beautifully classic styled open cockpit sports/race car, and other than the idea that the likelihood of seeing another Morgan three-wheeler out there on the road while you're DRIVING and not RIDING one MIGHT, and I say MIGHT here, be even less than seeing another Beck 550 Spyder out there...maybe.

(...okay, and now where WERE we in this thread?...OH yeah...the latest Honda Goldwing, and which I understand is a whole 90 lbs LIGHTER--and which is always a GOOD thing--than the previous model, and yeah I ALSO like that it has that inherently anti-dive modern take on the classic girder front end TOO, and which of course BMW has used on many of their motorcycles for years now...BUT, and with this being said, I'm STILL hot as hell for the Indian Springfield, and which admittedly doesn't have all the bells and whistles that this latest Goldwing has and which I understand is close to being the same weight as the Honda, but which I would guess still would be pretty damn good for taking a thousand mile or more trip on anyway...and besides, I THINK the Indian Springfield is just about the "coolest" lookin' retro-styled MOTORCYCLE out there today...THAT of course you sit ON and RIDE around ON, and not IN and DRIVE around IN!)

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