02/10/18 04:29 AM
Re: 2018 Gold Wing


...BUT, and with this being said, I'm STILL hot as hell for the Indian Springfield, and which admittedly doesn't have all the bells and whistles that this latest Goldwing has and which I understand is close to being the same weight as the Honda, but which I would guess still would be pretty damn good for taking a thousand mile or more trip on anyway...and besides, I THINK the Indian Springfield is just about the "coolest" lookin' retro-styled MOTORCYCLE out there today...THAT of course you sit ON and RIDE around ON, and not IN and DRIVE around IN!)

Before there was an Indian Springfield, my buddy turned his Indian Classic into basically the first Springfield. He added windshield, hard bags and engine guards. He puts a lot of miles on it. Last year he rode with us from his home in New York to the Rio Grande and back - over 6,000 miles. Bulletproof.
In Indian Red, of course.

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