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06/01/19 05:21 PM
Re: 2018 Gold Wing

I ended up buying a 19 Tour DCT about a week ago. Im loving it so far.
The tech is crazy on this bike but in reality its mostly convenience stuff (much like going from a car with window cranks to one with power windows). In the end the biggest item that sets this bike apart is the DCT trans. Really odd to ride with no clutch or foot shifter BUT you get used to it after a few rides.

On the road the CG is so low it feels like its on a rail. Its easy to lean, get into a corner and that torque is just always there. Sport mode is damn right surprising but once you get used to it it can be fun. One thing I have learned is that if Im on a road thats going to get twisty I will manually downshift (thumb) before getting to my lean. The rain mode is fantastic! I had to ride it home with 1 mile on the rubber in the rain and was pretty concerned about that. It never even twitched on the wet with new rubber.

I also have to give the ABS brakes a huge thumbs up. I had to put them to the test the day after on my first ride. After first time I gave them the test a few more times when I was clear just to see how it brakes and all I can say is impressive and reassuring.

All in all I do miss my Triumph but the wing is fun. It'll never be as "cool" as the America was but its a damn fun bike to ride.

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