(Fe Butt)
06/02/19 08:48 PM
Re: New BMW R18 cruiser coming!





My R50 is a boxer and your feet are in the same position on that. There has never been any discomfort from heat. That being said, my R50 is only 500cc so much smaller jugs.

Yes but I am thinking that on a bike like your R50 the seating position is higher (am I right in saying this? That's how it looks to me), which should help.

I have 2 Beemers in my stable (R1100RT and a R1200GS). The jugs are bigger and during a hot day I can sure feel the heat coming off them.
Not that I have ever complained, mind you.

So, still have "Old Paint" in your stable, eh Thanassis?

(...good to hear you still have that faithful steed after all these years)

Ah Sir, you have ridden her for several thousands of miles around Europe and yet you have forgotten her name?
Tut tut ...
Safra (Ali Baba's camel).

Yep Dwight ... she's still going strong.
Roughly just under 300.000 kms to date.
(I say 'roughly' because, as you will remember, the speedo cable would give up every now and again).

Oh yeah, "Safra", that's right. I do remember you telling me you named it after Ali Baba's camel, but couldn't remember the name. However, I'm sure you in turn remember me telling you that I had sort of renamed her using an American old west pet name for a favorite and reliable old horse, and that being "Old Paint".

Can't believe my time with "her" has now been 10 whole years ago. Good memories those, ol' buddy!

(...and yeah re the speedo cable...I remember stopping at that Malmo Sweden BMW dealership to have it replaced just before traveling across that long long bridge to Denmark, and while you were heading up to North Cape Norway)

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