(Fe Butt)
06/05/19 12:18 AM
Re: New BMW R18 cruiser coming!





It's very clean and minimalistic looking, but I never could get around the giant opposed twin engine for looks.

Agreed. But air/oil cooled? That will be a very hot engine at 1800 ccs.

One would think so.
Who knows? I can't imagine they haven't thought of that.

Yeah, that's what we thought about the Indian 1.8L. It runs hot. Really hot.

OH yeah! My Indian Springfield's Thunderstroke 111 (cu.in) engine while being one of THE most gorgeous motorcycle engines ever (and one of the primary reasons I'd purchase it) sure DOES get pretty darn hot while riding it around during the summer months.

(...what with that big ol' rear cylinder head sittin' right 'tween my thighs)

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