08/03/19 03:35 AM
Re: My new Speedmaster 1200

I spent the day putting on the Corbin I got[ through Fast Eddy] and the tail for a battery tender taking off the back pillion pad and adjusting the bars It's set up for me now and I like it.Yes Dwight quicker and more nimble than my America but I still reckon on a long trip,although the new speedmaster is capable,the America would be as good if not better.
The SM is definitely quicker off the mark and roll on acceleration but I think for cruising and not hooliganism my America is great

Negative things about the Speedmaster are the complicated design.The seat attaches like no other I've seen when a single bolt as on the America would have done. The battery is awkward to get to.Checking the oil level is hard as the sight glass is low down.The beach bars were wrong for me.The pillion pad is tiny.and I feel a little cramped compared to the America.
Positives .the great motor, quick handling.and maneuverability.

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