(Fe Butt)
09/24/19 09:51 PM
Re: new ride


As the saga of getting my 05 speedmaster back on the road seems never ending, and with most of the riding season here in the north gone. I could not take it any longer so went and got a 2018 street scrambler.

What a hugely fun bike to ride! Back in the day, I had a Honda 350 scrambler and I rode the hell of that bike. This new one is looking to be the same program.

as it was a NOS, I was able to get a pretty sweet deal. It is the 900 cc version with ABS and TCC that can be switched off, throttle by wire and surprisingly good tires (considering that they are Metzlers).

I have only had it a week and it is time for the first service. Which is only worth mentioning because the weather here has been crap, with massive rains and high winds. The riding washed out roads and covered with debris appear to be what this bike was made for. Very fun.

Nice bike, Micah! Congrats!

(...unless I missed seein' it mentioned, what color did ya get?)

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