(Worn Saddle)
11/01/19 12:27 AM
Re: 2020 Indian Challenger



Anyone else thinking the new styling are looking more and more like Victorys?

My second thought exactly, my first was butt ugly. Not many more ugly except the Vision, and a few others but not many. I looked at this post before anyone else had replied but wasn't going to say anything because I disliked it so much and didn't want to be the first reply with a negative.

Definately resembles the Victory styling. But of course cause it's from the same same parent company. And I think that the Victory styling is a smart move to attract the younger crowd cause us geezers ain't gonna be around much longer to buy new bikes! And since you mentioned the "Vision", I always liked the "futuristic styling. Not my kind of thing cause I'm more into the "antiquey" look, but still cool.

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