11/03/19 03:39 AM
Re: 2020 Indian Challenger



I rode it. It was fantastic. I'm getting one.

Go for it! You going to trade your Roadmaster?

In a minute!
Honestly, the power, handling, suspension and ergonomics were... perfect!

I'm going to C&P a review my friend wrote, which I agree with almost word for word:

This is a large, frame based fairing and as you can see from the dash picture the bars come up from the fork and to clear the fairing and reach the rider they appear high because they are longer handle bars like a victory vision. The chieftain bars can be closer since the fairing is bolted to them. I told Kevin there is nothing not to like about this motorcycle except for two categories of people. Harley riders who refuse to like anything else ... and those who just don't like certain aspects of a motorcycle, i.e. those who don't think American v twins should be liquid cooled, those who don't like radiators, those who don't gravitate to the design. Other than that there is no arguing that this is a well made motorcycle. The suspension is terrific for a cruiser. I hit every manhole cover I could find and it was pretty plush. The heat is a non issue. Nothing on your legs and nothing being blown into your space from the radiator. The engine is a blast. Instant torque and smooth. The gears shift very smooth. Btw, the smoothest gear box in the Indian lineup is the FTR. Greased with butter that rascal. I digress. The sounds of the engine is a wonderful growl both as a rider and listening to it drive by. The screen is bright and not a long reach at all from the grips. The saddle bags are large. The gas tank is huge but does not take up leg room. The front brembo brakes are amazing. The tires I can't comment on since I couldn't put them through their paces but they certainly look good. The powered windshield works very nice with the vents to create neural air in the cockpit without wind buffet. The speakers sounds good. The new warbonnet is cool. Very art deco with an LED strip down the middle. The seat is very soft. The legroom is nice without knee cramping. The steering is light and predictable and the bike didn't feel top heavy. If you want lower handlebars I'm sure there is something to please you, but I liked the stock. Again, aside from opinions, feelings and loyalties, there is nothing not to like about the quality of this motorcycle.

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