(Learned Hand)
06/02/19 03:08 AM
Street Bob

Well guys It was time for me to have a new bike. I liked my America so much I could not part with it so decided to keep it an add to the fleet, I was tempted by the Triumph T120 Black, had a test ride even. however went for a 2019 Street Bob. Loving it so far, I think you guys would categorize my use of it as a "Bar Hopper" First bike I owned with ABS ( standard in EU ) and Fuel Injection, also liking the key fob set up.

Strange as it may seem, keeping the America for touring,
I have the pillion pad for the Street Bob should the better half want to come along on it sometime ( she has not seen it yet )


06/02/19 04:43 AM
Re: Street Bob

Good on ya. I bought a new 1200 Speedmaster but I'm keeping my America too.Partly because I just LIKE it, and partly because the second hand prices the Americas are bringing is way lower than I would want to part with mine for.

(Worn Saddle)
06/02/19 06:08 AM
Re: Street Bob

This post made me chuckle. I have talked at length about getting another bike in the future and my fiance always asks me which of my current bikes I'm gonna get rid of. I just give her the standard reply, "he who dies with the most motorcycles WINS!" She totally doesn't get it. I'm pretty sure my "retirement" bike is gonna be a 800 Bonnie. But I still lust after a Janus, as I've said on here before. And I DO think about giving my middle boy the Indian, but I hate to turn loose of such a beautiful machine that I've had so much fun on. (95 K to date) But the part about "the better half hasn't seen it yet" made me smile too. It's funny how the girls just don't get it. Ya know, you can't wear more than one pair of shoes at a time either!

(Learned Hand)
06/02/19 08:48 AM
Re: Street Bob

OH, she seen the bike when I picked it up OK, that was just before she got a new washing machine, she remembers things like that. She has just not seen the size of the pillion pad

Other options are available ( Seats ).

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