(Learned Hand)
06/14/19 07:25 PM
New 2016

Bought a fully loaded 2016 TBALT, Not touching it! Sold my 2005, (says he’ll see me in court, long story). Had 974 miles off the showroom floor on 28 April, just rolled over 4000 today.

06/14/19 07:50 PM
Re: New 2016

sounds like my 2015 that had 1532 km on it last summer. But no one taking me to quart ( we use litres up here )

(Should be Riding)
06/15/19 05:10 PM
Re: New 2016

well Mark, tell us a long story!

(Learned Hand)
06/15/19 06:59 PM
Re: New 2016

I really should have just kept Frog, my Goodwood green ‘05 TBA. (I’m sure y’all remember Frog, I know Chy does). She had new rings, fresh valve job, and pulled strong at 83,000 miles. The sprague clutch again was starting to go out, so if ya didn’t know exactly how to start her when she was cold, She wouldn’t start. Knowing this, I knew to have the engine warmed up so she would start every time. Still had the original clutch plates also. This is the 2nd sprague clutch I’ve put on it. Four to five years ago, the starter pin boss was found cracked across the top, so me and my Georgia Tech engineer neighbor did our own modification. He bored the inside of a steel common water pipe out to wher you could just “tap” it over the boss with a very close tolerance fit, inserted or “tapped” the chrome pin into position, and covered the entire area with JB Weld. SOOO, once the buyer bought the bike, it was his problem.
A few days later, her messages me and says the bike has been sitting in his driveway for the last 3 days, and won’t start. Says it needed a alternator and wasn’t charging (BS). A week later, he writes and says that the bike is at the Triumph shop, and that they showed him our GT approved repair, and that he would see me in court. I replied with a picture of Judge Judy, and told him there’s not a thing wrong with that repair, and that all it needs is a sprague clutch. The bill of sale clearly say sold “As Is” condition. He said that he never signed the bill of sale, therefore it was null and void. That’s when I sent him the photo of Judge Judy. Once he took possession of the vehicle, it’s his.
I haven’t heard from the guy in a few weeks now, but nobody should EVER buy a used bike if they can’t work on ‘em. The foot pegs on Frog got to where they were cutting off the circulation off in my feet, the windshield was crazed past usability, and I just got awarded $82,000 in our contract negotiations here at work, along with a $10 per hour increase (7 year contract battle). My new bike, is a 2016 TBA LT with the 865 injected engine, every accessory you can put on it, and 974 miles on the odo. The Flooboards are a bit quacky, but have saved the bike twice now from falling completely over, and my old feet LOVE them.. It has left me on the road once, as the throttle cable somehow worked its way out of the bracket at the throttle body. Of coarse I had no tools, but figuring I was at a Waffle House, I would borrow a butter knife to try to work the cable housing back into the bracket enough to get home. “Uh uh, oh no you don’t” said the waitress, as if I was getting ready to start a massacre. “Dude! My bike is literally RIGHT THERE! I just need this knife for 2 minutes.” “Sorry, no can do”. Had to have a buddy come get me and take me home to get the truck and trailer. Took me 6 minutes flat to get the cable housing back in the bracket and tighten the 10mm nut that apparently the factory neglected to do. So there’s my LONG STORY, sorry ya asked now huh!?!😊

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