2002 Triumph Bonneville America, black and silverAs far as the purpose or mission of this site goes, I can’t say it any better than Robert Wade, the Founder of BonnevilleAmerica.com. Everything you see here now has been done with the counsel and consent of the forum’s moderator team and the blessing of Robert, the founder. He has entrusted this site to me and I have every intention of following his original purpose. Naturally this transfer couldn’t have happened without his help.

I view this site as having two distinct but connected parts, the web site and the forums. Most people focus on the forums, but I would like to build the web site into something more, and tie it in closer with the forums.

The Web Site

This version of the site, launched in January 2011, runs on the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). I’m am very well versed in this platform and it is one of the most popular CMS’ in use today. During the conversion from hand-coded web pages to CMS, it was also moved to a new Internet Service Provider (ISP), Dreamhost.com. This was done for several reasons, chief among them that the future of the site will be in the hands of a few people rather than one. If something happens to the Administrator (or “Caretaker” I prefer to call it, um, me) other appointed people will be able to pick up the pieces and move on without interruption. More importantly not only will nothing be lost, they won’t have to go through another migration from one ISP to another. Someone else can take the reigns and make sure the bills get paid.

The current design is just to get started. Indeed one of the strengths of WordPress is updating the design quick and affordable, or building a design from scratch. I also have in mind a few enhancements to the web site as time allows. For now I’ve moved all the content from the old site into the CMS, but there may be a few glitches left over. Be patient. I’ll get it all fixed.

The Forum

The forums at BonnevilleAmerica.com were converted in 2005 to UBB Threads (and upgraded to it’s current version 6.5.5 in 2006). (Update Aug. ’11) Upgrading to the latest UBB Threads is just not working out right (or is exceeding my knowledge/skills) so it’s likely we will jump ship to vBulletin.

I still rely on the moderators to make this the best motorcycle forum around.


John Bedard (FriarJohn) R.I.P.
BonnevilleAmerica.com Caretaker

Moderator Team

  • Chy Adams (chy)
  • Jim Dressler (moe)
  • Phil Earnshaw (bonnyUSA) (retired)
  • John Halpop (freedom)
  • Matt Lansell (Sandmann) (retired)
  • Adrian Lloyd (Funkletrumpet)
  • Shari Mirman (mert)
  • Ben Nawrath (bennybmn)
  • Pat Whitbeck (Dinqua)
  • John Wojcik (wojo) (retired)

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