Founder’s Page debuted in May of 2002 and was created by Robert Wade. Though life’s priorities and commitments pulled him away from his creation, we strive to continue what he started in the spirit in which he started it. What follows is his original “About this Site” page:

Hello. For those of you that frequent this site, you already know me. For those of you that don’t allow me to introduce myself. My name is Robert Wade, and like you, I have a strong interest in Triumph Motorcycles, in particular the Bonneville America, introduced to the world in 2002.

The Original Design

I started this site, because I after trying to find a decent web page with good information on the Bonneville America I came up with zilch. An idea came to me that it would be wonderful to have a site to go to that contained as much information as possible on the bike, a way to communicate with other riders, share photographs and stories, and trade tech advice. So I went for it.

Robert Wade, Founder

The goal of this site is to provide the visitors with that kind of information in a free and uncluttered environment. Too many sites these days are cluttered with off-topic junk, advertisements, and pop-up windows selling everything from magazine subscriptions to Viagra. To me, this is nonsense. I always aim to keep advertising to a minimum, with only a few banner advertisements if I determine that the advertiser has something that could be of value to our members. I refuse to put pop-up windows on this site, because they are annoying as hell, and generally just irritate visitors.

In the future, I plan to continue development of this site, and constantly improve existing applications and develop new ones. Member feedback is, and continues to be, a strong influence on what applications are developed. I always aim to take care of member needs, so that this will be an enjoyable and useful site for all of our visitors and members.

The bike that started it all.

In closing, I want to thank everyone who has taken the time out of their day to cruise through this site, especially those who’ve become members and contribute on a regular basis. People that have purchased this bike, are to me, a special breed of motorcyclist. Ones who have steered away from the common V-twins, and opted for a more unique experience in a cruiser. We have a style and individualism that many bikers lack. And it is to you that I dedicate this web site.

Best Regards,
Robert Wade