Phil Mauldin (popcorn)

[Note: until we have a proper remembrance for Phil we’ll pull quotes from his son’s messages in the forums announcing Phil’s injury and passing, along with quotes from members who met Phil. If you would like to add a remembrance or photo of Phil please contact us or send a PM to FriarJohn via the Forums.]

12/10/08–Phil’s injury

This is Popcorn’s son. Some of you may have known my father, may have even gone for a ride with him. For that reason, I feel I should let you know he has taken his last ride. My father was injured at work. He fell off his truck and hit his head. At this point we believe he is no longer with us, we will know for sure in the morning. If you are the praying type, please say one for a fellow rider. One thing is for sure, he loved riding his bike and enjoyed talking parts and rides with anyone.

God bless,

I recently met your dad this past summer in Ohio when he met up with some of us. Right away I got the sense that he was good people.–John Wojcik (wojo)

its a honor to know your father …me and my wife got to meet you father this past year in ohio and again this fall at the noreast rally… and spend time not only riding with him but talking with him and getting to know him… he was a very giving man.. and talked very highly of his family and how proud he was of kid’s…

we feel fortunate.. to know him and call him a friend.–Ed Smith (biker)


My dad passed away today at 1:00 pm. The head injury was too much and the swelling was too severe for him to survive. Following his wishes, we have donated his organs. He will ride on in others. My family and I appreciate all the kind words, and I am glad he was able to meet a few of you guys.
Thanks again,

I met Phil face to face at the NorEaster this year. We had PM’d and e-mailed a number of times over the past couple years so it was really cool to meet him and get to know him face to face. A very cool guy.

Randall your family and you are most certainly in our prayers and in our thoughts, those who post and those who read and are saddened but not sure what to say, we all feel your loss and are with you.–Ed Hofstrand (Fasteddy)

I also had the privilege of meeting your dad at this last NorEaster. He will indeed be missed by many.
My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family this holiday season. May the good man rest in peace.–Pat Whitbeck (Dinqua)

I also had the good fortune to meet your dad at the NY Rally.
We hit it off right from the start, I share your loss. Charlie E. Coe (unclecharlie)

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