Zdenko’s 2007 America

Fact Sheet

Owner: Zdenko Milin (Zmilin)
Model: America
Year: 2007
Odometer: 23,000 miles
Location: Sammamish, WA, USA
Member Ride’s Forum



It started as a phone call from Karen (kford) asking if she could get endorsed (thats what we call a motorcycle license here in th PNW) and it turned into both of us getting endorsed and buying a pair of brand new 07 Americas.

So much has been done to the bike…to name a few: Specialty Spares long cannons, Freak, Tsukayu hard bags, saddle built by Richs (Stingray hide), Memphis Alley Cat, Progressive suspension out back, Intiminators up front and a slew of other bolt on accessories from Newbonneville.com, Fasteddysports.com, Joker machine (love that stuff), Triumph and a custom touch here and there.

In the future there are plans for a shaved tank (hanging on my wall, just not painted yet), new paint and something with wheels.

In my short time as a rider and on BA.com I have had the pleasure to meet so many great people. From locals to not so locals, the gawkers at gas stations who “had a Triumph in 19??” to people looking at the bike from the corners of their eyes. Some only by email via BA.com but one thing rings true… not one regret thus far!
Happy riding to all and if youll excuse me, I need to go polish some chrome!

Zdenko still manages to be modest. At consecutive Kootenay RAT Raids in Nelson, BC, Canada, he managed to score Best Cruiser in the Kootenays, followed a year later by Best Triumph in the Kootenays.

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