Triumph Motorcycles Report Increase in Sales

Triumph Motorcycles have released their 2010 sales figures. The press release does not say how many units were sold, but, they had a 1.5% increase in sales over 2009. Meanwhile the automotive/motorcycle industry as a whole suffered a 14% loss in 2010.

Triumph Motorcycles have a 16% market share according to the Motor Cycle Industry Association, which is pretty darn impressive considering how many other manufacturers exist.

From the press release:

Triumph motorcycle manufacturers, have released their sales figures for the year of 2010. With many automotive manufacturers struggling, sales of Triumph bikes have actually increased over the last year. This news could help to brighten the outlook for others in the automotive industry.

The automotive industry overall suffered a 14% decrease in sales over the last year, whereas Triumph have confirmed that sales actually increased on the previous year by 1.5%.

The British motorcycle firm has outshone competitors from outside the UK including Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha and Kawasaki. Triumphs performance has accelerated past its rivals over the past year. Although the year has proved difficult for this struggling industry but it is comforting to know that recovery could be on the horizon.

Guy Masters, general manager of Triumph UK, said: “The overall market continues to decline and, although we’ve bucked the trend over the past 12 months, we’re far from complacent.”

Triumph UK will continue to strive to gain further market share in the years to come. They have impressively acquired 16% of the overall market share according to figures released form the Motor Cycle Industry Association.

Although UK motorcycle registrations decreased by a massive 31% when comparing December 2010 with December 2009, Triumph recorded an increase of 13% more new Triumph bike registrations. Triumph dealers will now be under pressure to continue to lead the market in an upward direction.

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