Dave’s 2002 Bonneville America

Owner: Dave (roadworthy)
Location: St. Louis, MO USA
Model: Bonneville America
Year: 2002
Odometer: 26,000 miles and some change
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I bought my bike in June of 2006 after looking for months to find one in my price range. I found it used with 3400 miles. Rode it 240 miles home the day I bought it. I had it repainted within a year, and over time added Corbin seats, Clearview windshield, Progressive fork springs and 412HD rear shocks, hard bags, a ton of shiny bits, and quite a few little modifications to suit my own tastes.

Under the tank sits a 78hp 904cc engine with ported/polished head and oversized valves. Ignition is trouble free, and provided by Nology coils and wires. Oil is running through a pair of aluminum cooler tubes running down the front of the frame. The airbox was removed and K&N filters were fitted. My stock carbs are bored to almost 38mm with high flow billet intakes to help it breathe better, and it sings out through a pair of Scepter slash cut long cannons.

I love the versatility of having the bike set up with the solo look, sporting seat rail and rear fender bib, and it also looks great all dressed up ready to go on another thousand mile weekend.

Dave’s bike has been featured four times in three calendars and deservedly so, showcasing not only his beautiful bike but his photography skills as well.

If you would like to submit your Bonneville America, America or Speedmaster as a candidate to be featured on the homepage for a week, fill out the form on the submission page.

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