Custom Speedmaster, Owner Unknown

I’ve been eyeballing this bike on the NewBonneville Customer Gallery on Facebook (Facebook account req., no public link) and just marveling at the cool factor.

It’s totally murdered out save for the whitewalls, side mount license plate bracket and exhaust system, complete with extra long fishtail pipes. Even the carbs and intake manifolds have been blacked out. It’s got t-bar handlebars with custom mirrors, it’s got a custom seat, and it appears to be slammed within an inch of it’s life. I’m guessing that super sweet ducktail rear fender is aftermarket, not an altered stock fender. Check it out.

Anyone know who it belongs to? Brent doesn’t remember. I’m pretty sure it’s a Speedmaster but the owner has ditched the alloys in favor of spoked wheels with black hoops. Because of the blacked out engine it could be a later America with spokes, but it does have the Speedmaster battery strap and front fender. So much has been changed it’s really hard to be 100% sure.

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