Bengt’s 2002 Bonneville America

Owner: Bengt Sundberg (Piper)
Location: Knivsta Sweden
Model: Bonneville America
Year: 2002
Odometer: >4500 km
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Got a spare tank and fenders. Had an idea to do a tribute to the 1959 Bonneville. Found a set of old style tank badges and realised I had to adapt the tank to fit those 😉 Also cut out the console part of the tank and rolled a new piece on an English wheel. Tinned (believe its called so) and finally smoothed out everything with bondo. I also made an old style number plate bracket with a Lucas rear light and turn signals, a new front turn signal thingie and had tons of former chrome stuff powder coated black. I had already had my exhaust (BUB dresser dogs) ceramic coated in black. The Tangerine paint was easy to find, but the light blue/pearl greyish was harder. All metal work and the paint was done entirely by myself. Oh yes, the mirrors are Lucas replicas (for cars) and are under the handlebars á la Steve McQueen 😉 The engine is a 904 by the way. Ramair filters, Factory Pro needles and a bunch of other performance stuff. Runs like a dream!

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