Deuk’s 2002 Bonneville America

Owner: Brin Deuk Morris (deuk)
Location: Venice, CA USA
Model: Bonneville America
Year: 2002
Odometer: 45,000 miles
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Hello my name is Brin Morris.  I work as  a photographer in Venice, CA.   I bought “The Seagull” brand new when I was 22 as my first bike.  When I first entered the dealership I had never ridden one before and asked if they’d sell one to me without having a license.  That was a silly question I guess.  After signing all the papers I said, “So can someone show me how to ride this thing?”  After about an hour of riding it around the parking lot I hopped on the 57 freeway from Brea and drove home to Huntington Beach and it immediately became my daily driver.  It’s come along way since the original red/silver bike I drove off the lot that day, but most of the changes have happened in the last 3 years when I decided to start working on the bike myself.

I wanted it to be stripped down, bare, and mean, but also try to retain a classic kind of look.  All with keeping it road trip and passenger worthy.  I plan on keeping this bike forever and don’t know that I’ll ever want to buy another.  It’s pretty much exactly how I want it to be minus some plans I have for cleaning up the bars which I have not yet gotten around to, and some performance upgrades.

All modifications in order:
Tank badges, saddlebags, harley sissy bar (which i found used and actually fit right on with a few spacers), front fender chop, satin black paint, air box eliminated, Epco pipes, front turn signals/mirrors, fork gators, header wrap, removed passenger foot peg plates, removable surfboard rack, removed chain gaurd, 21″ front wheel and 18″ rear wheel powder coated black, shaved front fender braces, powder coated front end black along with rear fender supports, lowered front and back, cut down seat, removed battery cover and relocated battery to swingarm, removed speedo, put on an 08 T-100 tank, smaller back blinkers, cut down my sprocket cover, black swept back flat track bars, black powder coat on valve covers,  buffed out chrome on engine casings, black headlight bucket, custom rear rack, original rear seat modified to attach with straps, and motogadget mini speedo.

I’d like to thank British Customs, Ade Packett Motorcycle Repairs, and of course the Bonneville America forums for all the help and ideas.  The members of TBA forums are the best there are and if anyone ever needs some info on how I did something I’d love to share it with you.

[Your humble admin is positively enamored with this bike as it possesses the exact spirit (if not the exact features) he wants to capture in one of his bikes, hence the larger than usual gallery–FJ]

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