Bob’s 2007 America

Owner: Robert Campbell (mailman)
Location: Avondale, AZ USA
Model: America
Year: 2007
Odometer: 12,000 miles
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Mostly modified with bolt on accessories. It captures the spirit of my old 1976 Bonneville but is much easier to live with on a daily basis. I use it as a daily commuter (when the temperature is not 110 degrees!). I modified the stock exhaust (debaffled) , rejetted the carbs, opened up the stock air box and replaced the air filter with a uni filter, new grips from pro one, new mirrors from J&P cycles, battery  box cover from, luggage rack from, Kuryakyn dually foot pegs, Joker Machine choke knob, chrome cam cover and clutch dress up cover, Rivco risers , Rivco passenger floorboards when my wife rides with me, and a formation clock. In the winter I add a Clearview windshield with Memphis shade lowers.

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