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Change is Good, Right?

May 10th, 2011 Comments off

I’m going to try a new little spin on the Featured Member Rides concept. In the 9 year history of a lot of cool bikes have come and gone. I saved pictures of a lot of them. I can’t get in touch with those former members to gather the usual information that we include in the regular Featured Members Ride posts, so I’ll just throw up whatever pictures I have and whatever details I recall and whatever other people can recall. This is especially sketchy when it comes to members who left before the major forum upgrade of 2005, when we effectively lost everything from the old forums.

So here in a little while the first one will show up. I don’t plan on a regular schedule for these, just as I come across the photos and have some time to write up a blurb or three. Comments will still be disabled so you can either contact us through the contact page or watch for a thread in the Member’s Rides forum.

I think I’ll name the category, “Blast from the BA Past.”

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In Memoriam and Other Updates

February 11th, 2011 Comments off

We’re very proud to introduce a new section here on the main site. Of course we would prefer to not lose members for any reason, but when we do we afford them all proper respect and remembrance.

In addition, we’ve added or updated several other sections since launch:

We’ve also added two new content categories for the blog (homepage), Customs based on Hinckley twins and Featured Member Rides.

Going forward, other than adding content, there are no other planned enhancements for the main web site. Follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our RSS newsfeed to get notified about new content automatically. Eventually we’ll probably have a dedicated, official Facebook fan page, though there are too groups you can follow if you search on Bonneville America.

Next we’ll be focusing in the Forums, with upgrades and new features.

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January 17th, 2011 Comments off

The forums are up again, but there are some issues. If you’re having trouble logging in, it could be an issue with your browser’s cache or cookies stored on your machine. Try deleting those and login again.

There are a few other issues. When you click the header graphic in the forums or the “Forums Home” link, it appears to log you out. But if you hit refresh or click on a forum you’ll see that you’re still logged in. Not sure why it’s doing that but it’s on the list. FIXED

Also there are error messages for creating a new post and for creating a new private message. However, these errors do not prevent one from doing these things so try to ignore them until I can fix them. FIXED

Again, thanks everyone for your patience, and keep those bug reports coming in.


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January 16th, 2011 Comments off

Welcome to the new homepage. We’ve converted the portions of the site that aren’t the forum to the WordPress content management system. Currently this site only contains the content from the old site, but we have big plans for the much-neglected homepage for our beloved motorcycle forum. Stay tuned.

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