Murray’s 2007 America

Owner: Murray Sinton (Taheke)
Location: Longview, Alberta, Canada
Model: America
Year: 2007
Odometer: 1800 km
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“A bit of old, a bit of new, lots of chrome, and a bit of blue.”

I bought the bike in 2007 brand new. Being an Triumph America motorcycle, I wanted to base the bike on the British running gear with the American pizazz similar to the World War II Mustang aircraft (i.e. Rollsroyce engine and American style) Basically my version of what a Triumph America should be based on—British grunt with American chrome.

I started with Triumph extras when I bought it, then went onto after market parts from the States and my own bit of customized design. For instance my own ideas included the tank, the fenders and the drilled headers. That is the end result.

Murray’s America is definitely one of the most unique (and shiny!) examples you’ll see, showing just how far you can go with personalizing one of these bikes.

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