Ian’s 2005 Speedmaster

Owner: Ian Brate (PogueMahone)
Location: Upstate, NY USA
Model: Speedmaster
Year: 2005
Odometer: not given
Member’s Ride Forum Thread



This is the first bike I’ve ever owned. 99% of the changes were made by me, in my garage. I say this because, I’m no mechanic by any stretch of the imagination. It’s all been trial and error, and help from the members of this site. When it comes to what I’ve done, it’s mostly cosmetic. Removed the airbox, and relocated the battery with a bracket made by member “Brokenfixed”. Cut the fender down, mounted turn signals on the sides, and mounted a taillight/license plate set-up that I got from Ebay. The shocks are lowered Progressive’s. The wheels are from a 2007 America that I traded for a low profile seat. Bars are “clubman’s” from Biltwell, and the risers I purchased from a member on this site(don’t know what make they are). Removed the stock mirrors, plugged up the holes, and mounted a mirror on the left side with parts I purchased from Jokermachine. The brake and clutch lines are custom Spiegler’s that are 5″ longer than stock, to allow for the Biltwell bars. The sprocket is from a drilled out Bonneville, and the speedo is lowered with the help of a tip from “Brokenfixed”, on this site. I guess that’s about it.

In the future, I plan to grind off the mounting tabs that held the front fender/dual brake, and paint the front end in some fashion, or another. Lowering the front springs, and mounting a different style tank are also kicking around in my head as future projects.

My plan is to keep this bike forever, so that I can pass it on to my kids or future grandkids. Whatever happens, this bike has given me so much, I could never sell it.

For someone who is “no mechanic by any stretch of the imagination,” Ian has done an excellent job personalizing his ride.

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