Scott’s 2006 America

Owner: Scott Cripps (KaiserSoze)
Location: Carol Stream, IL USA
Model: America
Year: 2006
Odometer: 17,000 mi
Member’s Ride Forum Thread



My bike has gone through quite a few changes over the past few years. The most recent additions are 12″ mini apes, which I wired internally, and added Stainless Steel braided control cables. My favorite addition is the white walls, which I had installed in July of 2008. They totally changed the look of the bike, and I don’t think I’ll go back to black. I love the versatility of the America, I can go from full touring mode with the Willie & Max saddlebags, Memphis Fats windshield, and Triumph sissy bar and rack, to stripping it all down in a matter of minutes and riding around town with the solo seat and sporster rack. The pipes are Specialty Spares long cannons, and I had the billet tips powder coated black. I found a chrome “spiderweb” upper engine mount and 8-ball choke knob from a vendor on ebay. To improve the handling I added Progressive 412HD shocks and Progressive fork springs. For comfort I have Triumph foot boards, Kuryakyn Iso grips, and I sent my seat to Spencer at to have it re-done. There are a few more shiny bits like the sprocket cover, valve cover, chain guard, battery box, clutch lifter, and control levers. I’m pretty happy with it, but it’s an on-going work in progress. In the future I’d like to eliminate the airbox and add pod filters, Punch it out with a 904 Big Bore kit, and add a custom paint job. Thanks to all the members of the forums for all the help and advice over the years.

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