Bob’s Salvage Rebuild

Several years ago Bob Scoggins picked up a Bonneville America that had been in a wreck, the front end completely trashed. Rather than source stock Triumph parts for the rebuild, he adapted a Harley Davidson narrow glide front end with a 21″ wheel. If I recall correctly*, he welded a Harley steering head onto the Triumph frame. About the only original Triumph parts attached to the front end are the hand controls. Of course that wasn’t enough and this bike is chock full of little custom touches, including:

  • Bobbed rear fender
  • Cocktail shaker mufflers
  • Lucas tail light
  • Modified sprocket cover
  • Homemade finned exhaust clamps
  • Relocated rear turn signals


*Get used to reading that phrase in these retro articles.

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If you have more information about or photos of this bike please contact us.

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