Steven’s 2003 America

Owner: Steven Hagler (Steven)
Location: Dallas, TX USA
Model: America
Year: 2003
Odometer: Around 20,000 Miles
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I purchased this ’03 new out of the crate in September, 2003. Almost from day one, I started to modify and tweak. In its early days, this America was a mini-bagger with Windshield, Light bar, and Bags. After a few years, I decided that I really want to make this much more of a minimalist bike for riding around the Dallas Metro Area instead of around Texas. I later filled the void of a long-distance bike by purchasing a 2008 Triumph Rocket III Touring.

My design goal for this bike in its current form was to make it reminiscent of a mid-’60s Triumph. The Paint Scheme was taken directly from a 1965 Bonneville T120. Together with tank pads, and old style tank badge, I had a good start to my goal. The next steps have been to get rid of anything that doesn’t help the bike go or stop. Opening up the engine area by removing the airbox, relocating the battery, and removing or hiding wiring has really helped continue the reverse evolution towards a classic style.

The most recent modifications have been bobbing the rear fender, powder coating the rear braces, removing all turn signals, and adding the ’28 Ford Tail Light. I also got rid of the big OEM speedometer and placed a small aftermarket speedometer in the console.

The next few possible steps include dramatically simplifying the hand controls to get rid of the buttons/plastic and moving the foot controls back about a foot to make it less of a cruiser set-up. I continue to have a love/hate relationship with the console and may choose to do something different there…The seat is also a consideration (although it really does a nice job of hiding electronics).

All in all, this ongoing project has continued to be a labor of love. I expect this bike to be with me until I am no longer around.

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