Mike’s 2004 America

Owner: Mike Gustat (Mikey790)
Location: Brookline, Massachusetts USA
Model: America
Year: 2004
Odometer: 10,400 miles
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It’s hard to ‘say’ anything about my bike.
I mean, yeah, I could give you a list of ‘stuff’ I have bolted on or taken off.
Right? But who really cares?
I think what really matters is:
  • She has seen me safely though 5 different states
  • She took me back and forth to the neonatal intensive care unitafter my twins were born
  • She gave my mother her very first ride on the back of the motorcycle
  • My three year old son now know how to turn the ignition, climb up on the pipe, throw a leg over the seat, and turn her on
  • She is the conversation starter for every grizzled geezer who owned a Tiger in 1967
  • She is world’s best therapist

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