Brian’s 2006 America

Owner: Brian Locke (bjontheba)
Location: Pensacola, Florida USA
Model: America
Year: 2006
Odometer: 35,000+ miles
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  • 904 BB kit
  • Pro-com Programmable Igniter
  • lightened flywheel by 2 lbs.
  • racing valves
  • Bub  Slashcut mufflers
  • K&N air filter
  • 75.9 hp & 59.5 ft lbs @ back wheel (Dyno Sheet, PDF)


  • Windshield
  • Lightbar
  • floorboards
  • pullback risers
  • custom bar end throttle lock and matching left bar end
  • custom backrest
  • sissy bar and luggage rack
  • saddlebags

The big bore kit provides effortless 2-up riding and pretty much a daily driver w/over 35,000 miles on it. If my calculations are correct, then it has a hp to weight ratio better than a stock Thunderbird. Was in a wreck where a cager pulled out in front of me and stopped.  A broken fibula, tibula, collar bone and a banged up hip later, I’m hoping to get it back soon looking the same way.  I guess I’ll be polishing it for a while until I get rehabiltated. I cannot do very much of my own work  due to a lack of ability. But, I have a good relationship with the local dealer, D&D Cyles in Pensacola, FL.. Id like to think it is because of my charming personality, but they seem to treat everyone that way.

Want to work on better front brakes and improve the suspension next.

I always dreamed of cross-country riding.  When gas prices began to climb high I went looking for a bike to ride back and forth to work. I got to thinking when I started paying too much for gas that if I got a bike I should be able to save money in the long run.  I wasn’t sure what kind of bike I wanted until I went into the Triumph dealer and saw the America. I knew that it was what I was looking for.  I told the salesman that this is all “I would ever need”. That was an under-statement.   I was eventually able to take a trip up to the North Carolina/Tennesee area as I had read about the Tail of the Dragon and knew I had to go.  I must have rode every road in the area and I’m glad I went down every one of them.  The bike performed flawlessly.  Now since buying my bike I had come to the conclusion that if the America had a bit more power it would be the perfect bike.  At least, for me.  Light and quick.  But then the Thunderbird came out and I really, really, wanted one.  But my America was paid off.  Which reminds me, the money I saved in gas going to and from work paid for the bike.  But, now I wanted more power especially when riding 2-up.  After discussing my delema with my mechanic I decided to go the big bore route.  This by far, in my opinion, is exactly what the America needed.  I’m glad I decided to go this route.  The bike is quick, has plenty of torque for 2-up riding, and the bike fits me like a glove.  Maybe this will keep me satisfied for a year or two. If any of you are thinking about the big bore kit, I fully recomend it.

Anyway, I had the bike back from the big bore upgrade for about a month and a half before a kid  pulled out in front of me and stopped.  Yes, it did hurt.  I shattered my tibula and fibula.

The insurance company wanted to total the bike, but I waited them out.  Bottom line is the bike is fixed.  Wish I could get fixed that quick.  I still have a couple of months before I will be able to ride again.  But then again I may be to ambitious. You gotta have goals right?

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