Tom’s 2009 America

Owner: Tom Janz (Elfwolf)
Location: White Bear Lake, Minnesota USA
Model: Triumph America
Year: 2009
Odometer: 4739 miles
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Abby is short for “AB-normal”. It started as a inside joke from a friend in IL (See young Frankenstein for better understanding I have taken that to heart and created a unique and lovely lady). Most of my parts and addons came from Fast Eddy Sports.

Since then I have added the tan seat, Kuryakyn Iso-grips with Throttle Boss ends, and SwitchWings footpegs . I also installed the Kuryakyn Driving bar. She had her tapered upper forks changed back to straight to accomodate the Memphis shield. The Hard street bags were added just this spring.

If you would like to submit your Bonneville America, America or Speedmaster as a candidate to be featured on the homepage for a week, fill out the form on the submission page.

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