Black Pearl–Tom’s 2003 Bonneville America

Fact Sheet

Owner: Tom Bair (brokenfixed)
Location: Mantua, NJ, USA
Model: Bonneville America
Year: 2003
Odometer: 14,000 miles
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Found this baby on craigslist back in 2007 with 2400 miles and had to have her. Her name is “Pearl”, she’s my first “road motorcycle”…let alone “Triumph” motorcycle. After a trial and error process of rejetting and learning a lot for the members on this site, I’m confident in saying she runs pretty damn good.

Just like a young girl, the old folks can look but they sure can’t touch. Cut springs all around on the tightest setting giver her a “bouncy” hardtail ride that I’ll proudly be crippled from in the future…haha. Nah, its not that bad, ask Ian.

Anyone around NJ who wanna take a ride, send me a PM cause I’m always lone wolfin it.

Pearl’s got…

  • Relocated battery and no side panels (one of the first) [forum thread]
  • Chopped & cropped lowered speedo [forum thread]
  • Hidden tool tube under frame [forum thread]
  • Tool box fitted behind license plate [forum thread]
  • 8″ risers
  • Kromewerks Slash Cuts (discontinued)
  • Maxxis White Walls
  • Custom 2-tone leather seat wrap
  • Homemade 2″ head light extension

Tom’s bike is the embodiment “retro” or “old school” or even “rat bike” styling, and pulls it off well. Through customizing his bike, Tom has contributed many good ideas to the community, and offers a custom bracket [forum thread] that when combined with a modified stock battery bracket, allowing the battery to be mounted under the seat.

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