Custom Hinckley Bonneville Chopper

[While Kevin is a member this bike is based on a standard Triumph Bonneville so it is being featured as a custom Hinckley instead. Kevin is cool with that. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.-FJ]

Several years ago Kevin Cook (Midget11) embarked on a massive project, converting a standard Triumph Bonneville to a true, from-the-ground-up, hardtail chopper. He contacted Bitter End Choppers to build a custom frame to house the Hinckley drivetrain. The bike was featured on the Bikernet website, and while a few excerpts are shown below, visit that article for the complete story. When it was done, Kevin says, “It was featured in The Horse Back Street Choppers mag and many others.”

Forum thread from 2005

Photos © Kevin Cook, used with permission


”Johnny Goodson, (formally with EXILE) now at Insane Custom Cycle, helped me with the concept,” Kevin said, “and provided the gas tank metalwork and the triple trees. Big Daddy @ built the custom frame and together we assembled what I believe is the ultimate modern Triumph bobber!”

Up front they used Johnny’s trees and cut down the fork tubes to make sure the bike would ride level. Big Daddy fabbed-up some great spacers for the front brake and wheel set-up. As for the handlebars, only apes would do.

”I found a great set of 16-inch by 1 ¼ V-factors to which I mounted PM black controls and an Exile internal throttle for a very clean, very smooth, look,” Kevin said. “The Triumph logo riser was just a perfect fit for the bars.” The headlamp was an Arlen Ness sealed beam unit, again for the very classic Triumph. The tank was treated to a very Triumph-style paint scheme by Cas Rybkoski along with the Custom Chrome rear fender. “The paint was so smooth and black, it still looks wet,” Kevin said! “Speaking of the rear fender, check out the mounts. Very smooth and old school cool.”

For the rear brake, Big Daddy machined-off the old mount and used a rod/heim joint set up so he could have a Triumph logo on the rear caliper. They used a Matt Hotch kickstand which blended very well with the curved lines of the frame.

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