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Acme Choppers Hinckley Build

September 29th, 2011 Comments off

[Update: the new owner has started a thread about more modifications over on Chop Cult. --FJ]

We haven’t had a custom Hinckly feature in a while, and this one is a doozy. And it (was) for sale.

“We built this custom Hinckley Chopper frame based on our proven Acme Loop tail chopper construction and geometry. The finished product has a badass stance, great ground clearance, a nice tight steer tube angle and perfect proportions.”


  • Acme custom frame
  • Acme wide glide trees with turned down fork sliders
  • Acme risers with custom handlebars
  • All custom fab work done in-house
  • Road King Wheels with Firestone meats
  • Modern Triumph Bonneville  engine
  • Acme billet grips
  • Trick oil cooler deflector guard

It has gone to a new home and if and when it receives paint I’ll update the photos.

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Great Escape Bonneville from Italy

March 21st, 2011 Comments off

[At first I thought this was a Scrambler, but indeed it appears to be based on a standard Bonneville. Nicely done regardless--FJ]

Dino’s latest creation is this Bonneville, and he’s done a remarkable job in giving a modern Triumph an authentic vintage look. (So we’ll forgive him the ubiquitous Steve McQueen reference—the bike is called ‘La Grande Fuga’, meaning Great Escape.) There’s a suicide shift on the left, the exhaust has been cannibalized from an Iveco van, and the seat is a genuine 1939 Harley-Davidson item. The matte green military paint is equally authentic: it’s from a sixty-year-old cache discovered in a Czech warehouse.

More pictures at BikeEXIF.

Custom Hinckley Bonneville Chopper

March 13th, 2011 Comments off

[While Kevin is a member this bike is based on a standard Triumph Bonneville so it is being featured as a custom Hinckley instead. Kevin is cool with that. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.-FJ]

Several years ago Kevin Cook (Midget11) embarked on a massive project, converting a standard Triumph Bonneville to a true, from-the-ground-up, hardtail chopper. He contacted Bitter End Choppers to build a custom frame to house the Hinckley drivetrain. The bike was featured on the Bikernet website, and while a few excerpts are shown below, visit that article for the complete story. When it was done, Kevin says, “It was featured in The Horse Back Street Choppers mag and many others.”

Forum thread from 2005

Photos © Kevin Cook, used with permission

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The Brown Eyed Cyclops

February 28th, 2011 Comments off

Street Chopper Magazine is featuring a very cool custom Hinckley hard tail on their web site (and possibly in print). It was brought to our attention by member Chad Turner (locopony). From the article on…

A guy named Josh from California looked us up and said he had a 2004 Bonneville that he wanted to do something with. Now Josh is a helicopter machine gunner, and he was about to head back to the desert for another tour. We knew he had the sack to undertake this project and see it all the way through with us.

We came up with a design for this modern Triumph that retained a healthy respect for the old ways. Then we went to see our friend Josh at Killer Chopper to work it out for production. A little while later, our first prototype frame was back and ready to rock.

There are over a dozen additional photos available at along with a long tale of how this bike came to be.

Triumph Motorcycle Household Items

January 31st, 2011 Comments off
T100 Throttle Brake Lever Corkscrew

T100 Throttle Brake Lever Corkscrew

In a recent collaborative exhibition between Triumph Motorcycles and the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, industrial design students developed a collection of household items created from parts from Triumph Bonnevilles.  Although these are not items offered by Triumph, they are pretty cool, and maybe, just maybe someday Triumph (or an authorized branded vendor) will offer real production items like these. After all, who wouldn’t want a corkscrew made from a throttle grip and brake lever?

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